James Scott

James Scott
James Scott, director of behaviour change and development
Director of behaviour change and development

James is a behavioural scientist who focuses on how behavioural science and behaviour change techniques can bring about sustained change within active travel. He specialises in human connections between the environment and behaviour, designing large-scale behaviour change interventions that encourage communities to become healthy by travelling via sustainable means.

Before joining Cycling UK in 2017, James worked at Sustrans as the organisation’s head of behaviour change in London.

James has also worked for the UCI as one of its worldwide expert coach education tutors. This has seen him tutoring and working alongside cycling federations all over the world, training their national coaches in best practice coaching skills and techniques.

With 15 years’ experience in community and education projects, James now focuses on how behaviour change techniques and coaching can bring about sustained change and ignite creative thinking. His holistic approach to both behaviour change and coaching, plus his passion for innovation, sees him designing grassroots behaviour change projects that have been rolled out across the UK.

James loves all forms of cycling and this has seen him cycle touring across the Aland islands in Finland, racing his mountain bike in Wales and, most importantly, riding with his daughter at the weekends.