How to thank volunteers for what they do

Do you know someone who has Gone the Extra Mile for cycling? Nominate them for a Going the Extra Mile award. Photo: Ride Rushmoor
Cycling UK feels that our outstanding volunteers deserve to be appreciated for their effort, energy and enthusiasm for cycling. If you know a cycling volunteer, why not thank them with one of our Going the Extra Mile awards?


Ways to recognise and reward volunteers

'Going the Extra Mile' is our ongoing reward programme for outstanding volunteers. It consists of:

Thank you letters and certificates

Our editable Thank You certificate (downloadable below) can be personalised with the details of who you are thanking, whether it is a group or individual, and what they have done for cycling. We can also arrange a letter or card of thanks from our chief executive.

These can be given to anybody who has performed a voluntary task that has benefited cycling in some way. 

Certificate of Appreciation

These are aimed at anyone who has truly 'Gone the Extra Mile' for cycling - perhaps a long-standing group secretary, ride leader or treasurer, or perhaps somebody who has organised a large event for many years that has enabled lots more people to cycle. You can nominate somebody to receive this award at any time of year - if successful, the nominee will receive a certificate, which can be presented at a particular event to mark this very special occasion. They will also receive a thank you card from Cycling UK's chief executive and one of our volunteer badges. Anybody nominated for a Certificate of Appreciation throughout the year will be put forward to the shortlist for our annual Volunteer of the Year Awards (see below). 

Lifetime Achievement Awards

These are Certificates of Appreciation for individuals or groups that have been completing voluntary tasks with Cycling UK for:

  • 1 year+ of continuous volunteering - Going the Extra Mile award
  • 10 years - Bronze award
  • 20 years - Silver award
  • 30 years - Gold award

They will also receive a thank you card from Cycling UK's chief executive and one of our Going the Extra Mile badges. 

Roll of Honour

Everyone who is awarded a Going the Extra Mile honour will appear on our Roll of Honour.


Roll of Honour


How to request a badge, award or certificate

To nominate somebody for any of the above awards, please contact the Volunteering Team and outline how the person or group has aligned themselves to Cycling UK's values:

  • Collaborating as One Team
  • Enabling the Movement
  • Believing in Better
  • Cycling for All
  • Being Brilliant

Volunteers' Week 3 - 9 June 2024

Commemorate, celebrate, thank and recognise the amazing contribution of volunteers throughout the UK with the national week just for them! 

This year, the Big Help Out will take place during the weekend of 7-9 June so there's plenty of ways to get involved in that initiative too. 

We have some ideas on how to thank volunteers in a meaningful way: you could throw a party, bake a cake or come up with your own ideas. Whatever you choose, the volunteer will know they are really appreciated. 





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