Have your say to put cycling at the heart of Scottish Transport

It’s critical that we all have our say on Scotland's National Transport Strategy (NTS2) – Transport Scotland's new draft strategy. Cycling UK's Claire Hutchison explains why you should take action.

The Scottish Government's National Transport Strategy (NTS2) will set the agenda for Scottish transport for the next 20 years.

By 2040 the transport sector must be well on the way to full decarbonisation, so that we meet our new climate targets. This means that the way we move from A to B will be very different to what it is now, using sustainable forms of transport. Enabling more people to cycle is a key solution to meeting this huge challenge so the NTS2 must show what Government plans to do to make this happen.

Cycling needs a huge boost in Scotland but unfortunately the draft NTS2 doesn’t suggest that Government is serious about the radical change needed.

Government are asking people to have their say on the draft Strategy but it’s a long and complicated document. To help you we have designed a simple online form which you can use to tell Government what will make cycling better, safer and easier for you.

The online form is easy to use and creates a personalised and unique response, which you can edit. The more detailed and personal your response is, the more effective it will be.

Help us seize this opportunity to get cycling up the agenda in Scotland. Have your say before the deadline of 23 October.

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