Event Organiser's Toolkit

An event organiser and riders.  Photo by Ian Stratton
Event Organiser Mark Waters of West Surrey CTC in the blue shirt ensures the smooth running of another great cycling event. Photo by Ian Stratton
Organising a cycling event is fun to do and our simple guide and resources will make sure everything goes smoothly. The duties that an Event Organiser may fulfill are outlined below, along with the accompanying resources. For coronavirus guidance, please see the Event Organiser's Checklist below

The Event Organiser:

  • decides on a time, date and meeting point for the event;
  • registers the event with Cycling UK using the group's publicity page;
  • keeps track of who is taking part in the event via the Signing on Sheet, obtaining parental permission where required using the Parental Consent form for riders under 18;
  • carries out a risk assessment prior to the event and keeps a record of it;
  • maintains good order at the event, in accordance with our Event Organiser’s checklist;
  • ensures the Publicity Officer promotes the event - (see Publicity Officer's Toolkit for a editable Group posters and photography tips);
  • ensures all event officials are registered with Cycling UK for insurance purposes;
  • makes sure the necessary filming and photography consent notices are clearly displayed at the event;
  • ensures the event complies with all coronavirus guidance from Cycling UK, local and national governments
  • reports any incidents or near misses using our accident/incident report form

Note: for Cycling UK purposes, an event is a ride or cycling activity open to members of the public and held on an occasional basis, whereas a ‘ride’ is a regular group activity put on for members of the group weekly, or monthly etc.

The guidance in this Event Organiser's Checklist is aimed at organisers of small, non-competitive one-day cycling events. It is not exhaustive but is what Cycling UK considers best practice. There is also lots of useful advice issued by the Government at Organising a voluntary event: a ‘Can do’ guide.