Send your friends and family a fun Santa cycling E-card

Santa practices the n +1 principle of cycle ownership (Pics Dave Walker)
We've teamed up with our friend and illustrator, Dave Walker, to create a series of fun Christmas e-cards depicting Santa trying out different types of bikes to help him with his myriad of deliveries. You can choose your favourite, add a personal message and send one to your friends and family too.

We all know that Santa has a big job on his hands when it comes to delivering all those presents to everyone across the world in just one night! Fortunately, help is on hand with his wide selection of bikes! Whether he needs something with knobbly tyres to help him reach a grotto in the woods, something more spritely like his road bike to pick up the pace on some deliveries, or a folding bike to hop onto a packed commuter train, Santa has them all.

Our friend and illustrator, Dave Walker, came up with a fun gallery of 8 different designs, all depicting Santa making good use of a wide array of different bikes and how they help him with delivering his Christmas presents into stockings in time for Christmas morning. We thought we wouldn't just send out our own festive messages to our members and supporters this year - we would make it easy for everyone to do the same.

Just pick your favourite image to send, add a personal message, your friends' email address and then hit send, and our whizzy e-card gadget will make sure your message gets there.

We hope you all have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!