Bike Week: how you can get involved

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Bike Week: how you can get involved

The countdown to the biggest week in the cycling calendar is on. Here’s a taster of what you can look forward to

There are just over five weeks to go until the nation’s biggest and best celebration of cycling: Bike Week, so it’s time to start thinking about how you can get involved.

The theme of Bike Week 2021 is health and wellbeing, and we want as many people as possible to share the ways cycling makes us feel better: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Read on for more on how you can get involved, but remember: the most important thing is to take part, record your ride, and most of all: have fun!

Seven days of cycling

Use our social media hashtag #7daysofcycling to share how you make cycling part of your day – you don’t have to ride all seven days, even just one is fine. Share your ride and you could win one of our great prizes, including £100 Rapha vouchers, a child’s bike from Halfords and much more.

Each day we will be focusing on one reason you should be well up for cycling:

Sunday 30 May: Well connected

Mark the first day of Bike Week by celebrating togetherness. Take part in your own way, but join thousands of others virtually as part of the World's Biggest Bike Ride.

Monday 31 May: Well up for it

It’s all about challenging yourself or exploring somewhere new. Push the boundaries and share the results.

Tuesday 1 June: Well skilled

Check out our challenges page and take the opportunity to learn some new skills. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve: don’t forget to share your new skills with us.

Wednesday 2 June: Well fit

If you cycle regularly in adulthood, you will enjoy a level of fitness equivalent to someone 10 years younger. Get active, feel the benefits and stay young.

Thursday 3 June: Well grounded

Today is World Bicycle Day. Take time to head out for a ride, clear your head and reflect on how cycling makes the world a better place.

Friday 4 June: Well happy

It’s green and it’s healthy, but most importantly cycling is fun! Share what makes you smile on your ride.

Saturday 5 June: Well for life

Bike Week is almost over but a love for cycling can last a lifetime. Commit to keeping on going once the #7daysofcycling are over.

World’s Biggest Bike Ride

Now in its second year, the World’s Biggest Bike Ride will be even bigger and better. It’s estimated that one in three people in the UK – more than 20 million – have access to a bike, and we want as many as possible to ride on one amazing day to kick off Bike Week on Sunday 30 May. To take part, pledge to ride now and we will keep you updated on plans for the big day. Remember, any kind of cycle ride counts, no matter how far you go, whether it’s for leisure, work or just a trip to the shops.

Also launching on 30 May is the Cathedrals Cycle Route, a 2,000-mile route linking all 42 Church of England cathedrals. Cycling UK is helping to promote this initiative which begins with a relay event around the whole route. If you live near the route, why not ride your local leg during Bike Week?

Virtual events

Building on the success of our virtual events in 2020, we have a packed programme of online sessions, covering road safety, bike maintenance, route planning – and the return of cycling yoga. Check out the calendar and register now.

Family fun

Cycling is for all ages, and so is Bike Week. Check out our downloadable resources for children, and the activities for children on our challenges page. Plus, your child could win a cycling jersey they have designed: download the children’s partner pack and let their creative side loose.

Whatever you do between 30 May and 5 June, be sure to enjoy a bike ride – wherever and however you like. Support millions more people to experience the benefits, and most of all fun, riding a bike can bring.

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