Bants, Bikes and Being Female: Series 1

Women's Chat Show for Cyclists panel
Our panel includes Charline Jones, Delaney Watkins and Caz Nicklin.
Cycling UK’s Anna Glowinski explains more about the social media event that promises ‘bants, bicycles and being female’, as our expert panel of cycling guests help those who are re-discovering cycling, or discovering it for the first time

Women make up 50% of the population and yet cycle a quarter of the miles of men. As part of our commitment over many years to bridge the gender gap in the cycling population, Cycling UK has brought together a panel of expert female cyclists to discuss the basics of kit, fitness, mechanics, and road safety – as well as advice for cycling through lockdown.

Our video series Bants, Bikes and Being Female is where you can find out all the information you need to help you start cycling or return to it after a break, as our audience asks all those questions you weren’t sure who to ask.

What can you expect? Tune in to each episode to watch a lively chat with women who will be sharing their experiences, stories and tips. These sessions are aimed at beginner cyclists who want to pick up enough information that they can get on a bike – we’ll take you out the door and back again safely, easily and enjoyably.

Each episode, the series delves into more specific topics and we answer questions from the audience. The chat show streamed live on Cycling UK’s Facebook page in summer 2020, during the first UK lockdown. All episodes are free to watch on Facebook or the Cycling UK YouTube channel.

We also host a safe space women and folk who identify as female in our Women in Cycling private group.

Starting cycling

This first session focused on how to get started.

It addressed such questions as: What was your first bike? What did you look for? What kit mistakes should you avoid? How do you avoid aching legs and sore bums?

Our experts advised on what sort of bike you might use to get started, what clothing to wear and why starting cycling in lockdown could be the best time to do it for your mind and your body. 

Experts: Fran Whyte, Caz Niklin, Delaney Assos, Jenny Box, Charline Jones

First broadcast: Friday 29 May

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Cycle commuting for beginners

Find out all you need to know about cycling to work.

Our experts discussed their personal experiences of cycling to work, so if you are getting on a bike for the first time or considering switching up your commute, you’ll have all the information you need to get to work on time and ready to start the day right.

We brought you tips on what to pack, what to wear, checking your bike is commute ready and what to do if you get a puncture on the way to work.

Experts: Fran Whyte, Charline Jones, Kristi Grayson

First broadcast: Friday 5 June

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Periods, training and bib shorts

We know cycling is a male-dominated environment, and while many tips are for all beginners, some issues related to female health are just that – female only. It means finding the right advice isn’t always easy, until now.

Our experts gave advice on training, bib shorts and cycling during your period.

The down-to-earth chat featured embarrassing moments, overcoming painful issues and addressing fears, aiming to give you the confidence to cycle anywhere, anytime.

Experts: Fran Whyte, Adel Tyson, Charline Jones

First broadcast: Friday 12 June

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Maintaining cycling as part of your lifestyle

In this session, we discovered how cycling can easily be a part of your lifestyle, and how to develop positive habits. What defines a ‘cyclist’? What steps do I take next, and what kit should I hanker after to take things to the next level?

If you’re not sure about how to keep your bike in good order, or how to find like-minded people near you, then catch up via the link below and watch as we discussed how to join a cycling club near you, or how to find the right community on social media. We talked about how you can reach out to others to inspire them too.

Experts: Fran Whyte​, Jenny Box, Charline Jones, Kirsti Grayson, Elle Linton

First broadcast: Friday 19 June

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Pregnancy, cycling and kids

How does cycling feel when you’re pregnant?

Our experts discussed if cycling while pregnant is dangerous, how much cycling you should do when you’re pregnant, and answer the question ‘how soon after giving birth can you get back in the saddle?’

They also discussed how their cycling has adapted to include their children, and how they cycle with, or without, them.

Experts: Caz Nicklin, Lucy Follett, Lizzie Deignan, Charlie Stone

First broadcast: Friday 26 June

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Menopause, cycling and community

We discussed those hot flushes and talked about the menopause from experience, including cycling through this part of life.

We advised who you can speak to about menopause and how it affects your cycling, how to manage symptoms, and what you can expect from your GP.

Expert: Lesley Wilkinson, Melanie Berry, Jesse Lambert-Harden, Emily Barclay, Dr Susanna Unsworth

First broadcast: Friday 3 July

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Cycling and mental health

Our experts recount their own experiences of mental health, and how riding a bike can boost your wellbeing.

We discuss how to reduce depression and anxiety through cycling, covering such topics as preparation, expectations and recognising your feelings.

Experts: Sarah Strong, Crystal Nunn, Keri Bramford, Jenny Box, Rebecca Charlton, Dr Josie Perry

First broadcast: Friday 10 July

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How to fit cycling into your family life

What have your experiences been of riding with your children?

As part of the Women’s Festival of Cycling, we chatted to our experts about cycling with the family and how to make riding part of your family life.

We talk logistics, motivating your kids, the right bikes and bike seats for your children (and the right budget), and kids’ clubs.

Experts: Diane Farrell, Laura Tovey, Zoe Banks Gross, Caz Nicklin, Gaby Thompson

First broadcast: Friday 17 July

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Cycling and cancer

Our special guests and expert panel tackle this difficult topic.

Guests Dianne Jeggo – a breast cancer survivor – and Geraldine Glowinski – who is currently fighting breast cancer – talk about their personal experiences of the disease, and what role cycling has played in their journeys.

We ask them and our experts how they follow medical advice, how people respond differently to different drugs, and knowing other people out there have cycled during cancer.

Experts: Gemma Hillier, Lucy Gossage

First broadcast: Friday 24 July

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