Review: Apidura Backcountry Top Tube Pack 1L

Apidura Backcountry Top Tube Pack 1L (£35)
Cycle magazine editor Dan Joyce puts the Apidura Backcountry Top Tube Pack 1L through the mill, and discovers top tube bags have their use beyond backpacking and triathlons

Top tube bags aren’t only for bikepacking. A small bag up front is a good alternative – or addition – to a seatpack for tools, snacks and so on. Most that I’ve tried before have been too wide, compromising their own stability and hitting my knees during out-of-the-saddle pedalling.

At only 4cm across the base, and plumping out to 5-5.5cm when packed, Apidura’s Top Tube Pack is scarcely wider than those little ‘fuel tanks’ that triathletes use for stashing gels.

At 21cm long and 10cm at its highest, the volume is bigger – perhaps not quite a litre as it’s not rectangular, yet big enough to swallow a 29er innertube, a tubeless repair kit, a CO2 inflator, a multitool, a chain tool, tyre levers and a few other small items.

I’ve mostly used it off road, where it’s been stable and secure despite attaching with just two wide Velcro straps. Seatpacks I’ve taken off road have wobbled around, broken at their bracket, eventually spewed their contents over the trail behind me, or all three.

Apidura’s Top Tube Pack has done none of these, and it’s kept its contents dry thanks to (stitched) waterproof fabric and a location that’s not in the line of fire from the wheels. It weighs 74g.


It’s not the cheapest top tube bag, but it works well, carries plenty, and you can pretty much forget it’s there. There’s a shorter but otherwise similar 0.5L version for £30.

Another option

Orlieb Cockpit-Pack £49.99

Ortlieb Cockpit-pack, a black bag that attaches to a bike top tube

A shallower, wider bag (8cm) that’s waterproof and tough but has slightly less volume at 0.8L.

First published in Cycle magazine, April/May 2018 issue. All information correct at time of publishing.

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Tech spec

Price: £35.
Capacity: 1L.
Width: 4cm.
Weight: 74g.
Available from: Apidura.

Pros & cons

+ Narrow, stable, tough
- Awkward with short steerers