Review: Apidura Food Pouch Plus 1.2L

Apidura Food Pouch Plus 1.2L
Cycling UK communications delivery manager and keen backpacker Sam Jones finds out that this handlebar-mounted pouch is a useful – though expensive – way of keeping a drink handy

Once I’d worked out the webbing strap was detachable and was able to rig up a secure system to my Jones Loop bars, I immediately began to appreciate the benefits the Food Pouch Plus had for my bikepacking plans, despite at 80g it being heavier than most bottle cages.

Using a full frame bag, I can’t fit bottle cages, and I’ve struggled to find an easily accessible place to keep a drink handy. This problem’s been solved by Apidura and, but for the eye-watering price, I’d definitely consider buying another.

It sits secure when bouncing around off road and, with its handy and easy-to-use drawstring, keeps your bottle safe. I used a 750ml one and had no trouble, but with a little effort I could fit my 1L Nalgene bottle – albeit very snuggly. There are handy stretch pockets for other snacks if your pockets are full, too.

If you’re touring on road, I’d suggest you consider paying a bit more and getting a bar bag instead. For day riding, if you’re considering this, then you probably need to ask yourself whether you’re carrying too much!

Another option

Alpkit Stem Cell XL £39.99

Cheaper, comes in variety of colours and should be able to fit a wee bit more.

First published in Cycle magazine, April/May 2018 issue. All information correct at time of publishing.

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Tech spec

Price: £45.
Capacity: 1.2L
Weight: 80g.
Diameter: 9cm.
Available from: Apidura.

Pros & cons

+ Secure and accessible bottle storage
- Won’t fit a large water canteen