How to become a Trustee

How to become a Trustee

Applications are now open to become a Trustee of Cycling UK

At least 9 Trustees must be members of Cycling UK, elected by the membership. 

Members who wish to stand for election are invited to submit an application. The Board’s Nominations Committee assesses their application and considers the degree to which they have the personal qualities, skills and experience required; and how well they would complement the existing skill mix on the Board. 

Details of the candidates and their election statement are sent to every member of Cycling UK. Every member has a vote in the elections for any Trustee vacancy. There is one UK wide constituency.  Voting is done by post or online. 

The Board may also co-opt other people as Trustees to address skill gaps or fill vacancies.

The current round of recruitment to the Board of Trustees is now open, with a closing date of 9am Monday 24 August 2020 and the application pack can be found below. The Board are seeking to appoint up to three new Trustees. 

If you want any help or advice, you are encouraged to contact the Chair of the Board or the Chief Executive. Their details are available from Cycling UK Head Office or by emailing