Volunteering for Cycling UK

Here at Cycling UK, we dream big, wanting a better future for us and our children and we believe cycling is the catalyst to make this possible. However, we can’t do it alone, so let us work together in making a greener, cleaner world for everyone to live and thrive in

We appreciate you giving your precious time, skills and experience in assisting us towards our ambitious goal to enable millions more people to cycle. With your voluntary contribution, passion and encouragement, I believe we can easily achieve this. In return, we pledge to provide you with the support and guidance you need.

This page will make sure you are fully prepared for your volunteering role. It is aimed at anyone volunteering for us whether in a group or partner organisation, or as an individual; whatever your role, be it campaigner, ride leader, event organiser or other, we are here for you.

Our values

Our values, alongside our refreshed five-year strategy, clearly spell out who we are, what we do and how and where we want to be. They underpin our charity’s mission of enabling millions more people to cycle so our vision of making the world better by bike becomes a reality.

Cycling UK's volunteer promise

Collaborating as One Team means we support each other, valuing the power in combining our personal qualities, expertise and enthusiasm to drive innovation and get more people cycling, whilst Enabling the Movement means that together, we inspire, educate and equip more people to cycle, more often. Being Brilliant means that we provide a human touch to deliver the best services with simple, efficient processes.

We hope and expect everyone who undertakes tasks in the name of Cycling UK lives and breathes our values. We work together with you as a Cycling UK volunteer for our charity and our Volunteer Promise outlines what will do for you and what we would like to ask from you, whether you are volunteering for Cycling UK directly or with a local group.