Trusts and Foundations

two women riding a twinbike tandem in the forest
Our achievements simply wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the support of our funders who share our goals.

Our mission is to enable a million more people to cycle across the UK through our evidence-led programmes and award-winning campaigns team and we value the support of every Trust and Foundation we work with in helping us make this happen.

We want a cleaner, happier and healthier world. We want people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to be able to cycle safely, easily and enjoyably and your support can help us achieve our goals. To us, your partnership would be so much more than just financial support. It would be about shared learning, respect and support.

Outreach programmes  

We help over 100,000 people to get on a bike and stay on a bike through our innovative community-based programmes. We partner with local community organisations like mosques, family centres and mental health hospitals to ensure we help those who need us most. We rigorously monitor every programme to ensure it tangibly helps people improve their physical and mental health, switch their travel from cars to bikes, and create healthier, happier communities. You can find out more about our programmes here

Community cycle clubs 

Many of our programme participants join one of our community cycle clubs. We help volunteers to set up these inspirational local groups and then support with training and advice. From the Bike Hive in Manchester which supports refugees and asylum seekers to fix up their bikes and get cycling around the city, to Sara Park Community Club in Birmingham set up to support children at risk from exclusion, our clubs show how something as simple as a bike can change lives. 

Award-winning campaigning  

A million more people will only start cycling if they feel the roads are safe, that cars will watch out for them and there’s enough space for them to cycle. We create award-winning campaigns to mobilises cyclists across the country to persuade the government to invest billions more in cycling infrastructure, to open up more access in the countryside and change the Highway Code to make cycling safer. And our awareness-raising campaigns create innovative films and content to show people how they can help make the roads safer for cycling.  You can find out more about our campaigns here.

We won the BikeBiz cycle advocacy award in 2019 for our two digital campaigns highlighting the danger of close passing cyclists and ‘car dooring’. Both featured 2D and virtual reality films which were viewed hundreds of thousands of times on social channels and are becoming a standard part of driving instruction courses.

How we will work together

  • Reporting on the impact of your donation – we are the experts when it comes to behaviour change in cycling and all of our programmes are monitored and evaluated by experts in our field from inception to completion. This means we will be able to communicate to you regularly about the impact we are having together and how we are evolving our work to improve outcomes based on the insights we generate.
  • Communicating about our work together – we can provide you with statistics, quotes and stories for any media work you do in regard to our partnership.
  • Seek your expertise – where we can we would love to include you in some of our idea generation work so that we can benefit from your expertise of having funded other like minded charities.

How to get in touch  

If the vision of your foundation aligns with ours at Cycling UK and you want to help us make a difference, please get in touch.

We need support to help us with proofs of concept, to expand our work and take it to new locations. Whatever size of support you could provide, could make a huge difference to people across the UK.  

For more information, please contact Katie Legg at