Getting sponsorship to cycle for Cycling UK

John o' Groats sign by Rob Faulkner via Flickr Creative Commons
Many of us remember trekking around with a well-thumbed sponsorship form asking friends, family and neighbours to sponsor us, then having to approach our sponsors after the event to ask them to pay up but, as with many things, technology has stepped in to make things a lot easier!

If you're doing any kind of event, and would like to raise money for Cycling UK's vital work, one of the easiest ways of doing this is by asking people to sponsor you. But instead of waving a grubby form in their face, nowadays you can just set up an online page with the likes of JustGiving.

You can then email a direct link to your page to all your contacts and also put the link on Facebook or Twitter – or even include it in your email signature.

It's surprisingly easy to set up online sponsorship: all you need to do is visit our JustGiving page and click on the ‘fundraise’ button on the top right hand side. You’ll then be guided through a set of step-by-step instructions. Remember to put photos on your page and use the rest of the space to explain what you’re doing and why.

The really easy part is that they collect the money for you, and then send it straight to Cycling UK, so there’s no chasing up your sponsors after the event. They will also collect Gift Aid, so all you need to do is focus on your training and fundraising.

Getting your hard-raised cash to Cycling UK

If you’d prefer to send a cheque, you can still do that. You’ll need to make the cheque payable to ‘Cycling UK’, and send it to: 


Cycling UK,
Railton Road,
GU2 9JX.

You’ll also need to enclose any sponsorship forms, and send a covering note with your name, so we know who the money is from!