Berry’s, Burway and bridges by Liz Colebrook

Berry’s, Burway and bridges by Liz Colebrook

Liz Colebrook

I have done this route for the past two years meeting a friend at Church Stretton station and heading straight to Berry’s Coffee House on our bikes. This is naturally a crucial part in preparing for the steep and arduous climb up the Burway. A sofa, refreshment and time to have a good chat creates the bond needed to manage the next few miles uphill with only enough puff to pedal.

Living in Bishop’s Castle means cycling out to Church Stretton first. The route I’ve chosen avoids as much main road as possible. It’s a ride in itself if you just fancy a day out in Church Stretton as Carding Mill Valley (National Trust) is only half a mile away and very popular with walkers, mountain bikers, wild swimmers and cake lovers.

Back to the main ride – once you reach the top of the Burway, the views can be spectacular.  Take a picnic and rest awhile or continue your descent into Ratlinghope and onto the very popular pub at Bridges.  There’s real ale, a very good menu and plenty of seating indoors and out.  The route back to Bishop’s Castle is virtually all downhill making your lunch stop all the more enjoyable.  After sweeping down following the river for a couple of miles, I’ve suggested branching off across to Norbury and More - only a little bit uphill – but you’ll have more opportunity to ride side by side along the smaller lanes, which I love.

Places along the route to stop:

Berry’s Coffee House, Church Stretton, SY6 6BU.
The Bridges Pub, Bridges, SY5 0ST. 

Parking in Bishop’s Castle near the Coop or at the Auction Yard is free.




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