Thousands of people took part in the Worlds Biggest Bike Ride
Thousands of people took part in the Worlds Biggest Bike Ride

World's Biggest Bike Ride

The World’s Biggest Bike Ride

The cycling event for people who simply want to ride a bike.

Thousands of people of all abilities, experience and age took part in Cycling UK’s first World’s Biggest Bike Ride event on 12 September.

From roadies to mountain bikers, seasoned tourers to family groups, the fit to the not so fit, cyclists from across the country logged rides to celebrate the bike and the joy of riding.

What is the point of the World's Biggest Bike Ride?

The aim was to showcase the amazing benefits of riding a bike at an unprecedented time in our lifetimes, when there has been a massive spike in cycling due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cycling can – and will – make the world a better place; it improves our health, our wellbeing, our air quality, our ability to travel safely, which is why we called on anyone who likes riding bikes to go for a spin on 12 September.

As the UK government recognises how important cycling is, it was a chance to show that all nations are behind this new era of travelling more actively.

The World’s Biggest Bike Ride stories

Although neither speed nor distance were important (what mattered most was taking part), riders logged more than 100,000 miles on the day.

Some rode alone, some in groups and others with family.

Lots of people shared their pictures and stories online and across social media.

daisy riding

@biker_tiny: Daisy aged 3 on her 10km ride today! Just a short over hour ride for icecream!

cycling with the family

Ian ODonnell: "Fun day our cycling with the family, 25 miles with plenty of cafe & playground stops joined by grandparents for half of it so three generations of ODs taking part in #wbbr2020"

group ride

Sharron Wood: "Cycled 34 miles in a group of 5 fantastic ladies starting from Leigh on a very scenic circular route through Billinge, Rainford, Upholland and Wigan"

all the family riding

Anne Suosilta: "11 miles here in South Somerset with our 5 and 7 year old boys!"

team ride

Team Ride: "We had plenty of #cyclists out on Saturday on various #rides of different abilities. All taking part in #WBBR2020. Well done to all the cyclist. The group & their abilities continue to grow."

tandem bicycle

Linda reed: "Out and about around Norwich with Tilly the Tandem"


Andy Kershaw: "Enjoying the NCN Route 1 Coasts & Castles tour from Newcastle to Edinburgh. The pilgrimage to Holy Island was splendid."


John Gregory: "Met up with grandson for first time in 3 months!! 34 mile round trip! "

highest road in wales

Richard Webb: "#WBBR2020 lovely day cycling up through Usk, Abergavenny over Gospel Pass to Builth. Highest road in Wales."

pumped up in essex

CyclingUK- Essex: "Not 1, not 2 but 3 bike rides today for the @WeAreCyclingUK #WBBR2020 with a gorgeous sunny day across Essex and we all really enjoyed being out on the bike to get #PumpedUpToCycle"

ride with friends

@akaSuperSal: "Fab 38 mile ride out with friends for #WorldsBiggestBikeRide #WBBR2020"

More World’s Biggest Bike Ride stories

Tim Halsey: "We were raising money for neuroblastoma research: a nine-year-old in our village has it and loads of us did 100km events"

Claire Baines: "The best way to celebrate my 21-wedding anniversary and to train for my London to Amsterdam 2021 charity ride!"


Carole Jones: "I’m in my granny gear, I’ve oiled my chain, pumped my tyres and I’m off to get more endorphins!"


Tim Newberry: "A great opportunity to enjoy the fun of cycling. Everyday should be 'Pumped Up Day'!"


Jo Goodall: "Started cycling in lockdown and decided to ride TPT in June 2021 so cycling as much as I can to practise. Loving every minute!"


Stuart Hendry: "It’s great to be part of a worldwide event, that encourages everyone to get on their bikes as individual, couples, or families."


Teresa Grinstead: "Always pumped to cycle through our lovely countryside and to do it with others for a cause is even better!"


Peter Scott: "I want to maintain the enthusiasm since lockdown for cycling and encourage people to try cycling."


Celeste Pettifer: "A sense of freedom and exhilaration. I've not ridden for years and I forget how much I love it."


Eme Cosh: "I love seeing so many smiling faces when out cycling."


Nicola Brennan: "Cycling has helped me cope with covid whilst working for the NHS."


Duncan Henderson: "Standing together showing ourselves and others how significant cyclists are and sense the difference we can make for our world."


Tom Crook: "I'm two and have just started cycling my balance bike!"


Eliot Fassnidge: "My son Eliot is only 21 months old, but he loves his trike and it's great for him to be able to take part in the event!"


William Jones: "Today was the first day I learnt to ride my bike in Birkenhead Park, Wirral as it’s car free & I was determined to learn to ride."

Terry Sutton Murray: "Fifty years of cycling still love the freedom, the views, the "feel good" factor and the wind on my now bald head!"