October / November 2015

In this issue: Cameras for Commuting - how, why and which to buy; Trails for Wales; Dave Sims' Chopper; Handcycling The Dales; Disc Brakes Dissent; Plus-Size Hardtails
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Cover 236.85 KB
Contents 243.97 KB
The big picture - Trails for Wales 685.75 KB
Chief Executive - Back to cycling 223.16 KB
Quick releases - Trails for Wales; Funding: Stop and wait; CTC's cycling summer 662.44 KB
CTC Grand Draw 613.03 KB
Show time - Pumping not required; Leading the charge; Read my speed; Mono-pannierists, rejoice; Shimano goes 1x11; GPS tracking goes tiny; Quality gearbox bike 416.3 KB
Gear up - Apidura mid-size saddle pack & compact handlebar pack; Exposure Link Plus; Endura urban jean; Tom Perkins Spices and Spandex; Vincita Brompton transport bag & garment bag; 502.12 KB
Letters 348.15 KB
CTC & Me - Peter Mathison 230.78 KB
My bike - Dave Sims' Chopper 255.55 KB
Great rides - Handcycling the Dales 730.19 KB
Digital witness - Video evidence should make it straightforward to report bad driving. CTC member David Brennan examines how cameras can help cycle commuters 615.83 KB
Group test - Helmet cameras 293.71 KB
Great rides - A family in France 1018.21 KB
Disc brakes dissent - Disc brakes are great, for some applications. For a bike with skinny tyres? Technical Editor Richard Hallett isn't so sure 516.19 KB
Q&A - Cycling on pavements; Gearing down; Sidepull brake problems; Spoke breakages; Lump behind knee; Tubular tyres; Schwalbe Marathon equivalent 499.31 KB
Bike test - Plus-size hardtails 1 MB
Bike test - Hewitt Cheviot SE 237.74 KB
Benefits & special offers for CTC members - Your membership 259.81 KB
How to get in touch with CTC - Contacts 160.05 KB
Travellers' tales - A happy birthday; Oban to Aberdeen 481.83 KB