Cycle Magazine, Feb/Mar 2015

In this issue: Why cyclists seek hills & mountains, Bavarian touring, lorry safety solutions, adventure road bikes (Surly Straggler & Genesis Croix de Fer), all-ability cycling, London Bike Show 2015 preview, family touring in the Netherlands, normal-looking SPD shoes & trainers, semi-recumbent...

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Cover 490.62 KB
Contents 322.54 KB
The big picture - New Forest Cycling Week 885.05 KB
From CTC's Chief Exec - Better together 220.9 KB
Quick releases - Record chasing; Cycling is best investment; Support for cycling; Justice for cyclists 2.58 MB
Shop window - Cotic Escapade; Quad lock bike kit; Schwalbe Procore kit; Islabikes Luath 24; F.L.A.B Windtex jacket; TRP Spyke; Genetic flare bar 345.27 KB
Gear up - Memory-map smartphone-GPS; Selle SMP Drakon saddle; Genesis Longitude frameset; XCP Professional Green One; C&B Seen City Slicker lights; SR Suntour SE XC cantilever rear brake 563.56 KB
Letters 356.95 KB
CTC & Me - Belles on bikes 241.27 KB
My bike - Isabelle Clement's handcycle 372.51 KB
Great rides - Ludwig's Bavaria 810.87 KB
Because it's there - Cycling uphill is considerably harder than riding on the flat. But we can't help ourselves. Dave Barter wonders what makes us climb 1.55 MB
Delivering the goods? - Lorries are disproportionately dangerous to cyclists. CTC Road Justice campaigner Rhia Weston spoke to lorry drivers about possible solutions 1.68 MB
Great rides - Fiets first in Holland 633.17 KB
Wheels of change - Being able to cycle can transform people's lives. CTC's Kay Lakin introduces four people who have benefited from CTC community cycling projects 778.24 KB
Q&A - Caught on camera; Not falling for clipless; Flats to drops with discs; Cogging; Undercarriage cysts; Short chained? 473.51 KB
Bike test - Adventure road bikes 994.84 KB
Bike test - Circe Morpheus Omnis 258.04 KB
Group test - Casual shoes 330.37 KB
Benefits & special offers for CTC members - Member benefits 292.77 KB
Traveller's tales - Off-season Scotland; Won't take the easy Way 465.06 KB