Pothole reporting made easier than ever thanks to updated Cycling UK tool

Playmobile construction worker toy placed in a large pot hole (c) Robert Spanring
To mark Pothole Day, Cycling UK is relaunching a refreshed version of its pothole reporting tool, Fill That Hole
  • Popular and effective pothole reporting tool updated to help make UK’s roads safer
  • Fill That Hole sends reports of all road defects to relevant highway authority to fix
  • More information available at: www.fillthathole.org.uk 

Fill That Hole has been around for as long as the iPhone, enabling people to report road defects easily and send their reports to the right local authority since 2007.

Since its creation, nearly 200,000 potholes have been reported over the whole of the UK. Potholes plague roads across our country. While media attention is often focused on the problem they present to people driving, when cycling they can become a hazard that far too often has resulted in loss of life or serious injury.  

Prior to Fill That Hole, there was no easy way to report potholes and other road defects without working out which highway authority was responsible for each stretch of road. Fill That Hole works as a one stop shop, and takes the difficulty out of reporting through a few simple taps of your phone at: www.fillthathole.org.uk.

Reports via the app or website go directly to the relevant highway authority, which has a legal responsibility to check and repair where necessary.  

If the authority fails to take action, these reports can help others in the future should they need to claim for damage or injury against the council if that road defect hasn’t been fixed.

Reporting the defect increases the chances that the council will fix it, because they can’t claim not to have known about it.

The updated Fill That Hole tool was made possible by funding and support from law firm Fletchers Cycle SOS.

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Sarah Mitchell, Cycling UK’s chief executive said:

“Thanks to reports made by Fill That Hole’s thousands of users over the years, dangerous stretches of our roads have been identified, fixed and made safe for all road users.

“It’s important to report road defects when we find them for the safety of us all, and Cycling UK hopes that everyone who cycles will make these reports more easily than ever using  Fill That Hole.”

Bob Coupland, head of cycling claims at Cycle SOS, part of Fletchers Solicitors said:

“We are thrilled to see the launch of the Fill That Hole website, a commendable initiative that empowers cyclists and the public to contribute to safer roads. As legal partners of Cycling UK, we understand the importance of addressing the issue of potholes and road defects for the wellbeing of cyclists.

“This platform not only serves as a valuable tool for reporting potholes but also plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration between the cycling community and local authorities. The ability to swiftly report road hazards enhances the overall safety of our roads and reduces the risk of accidents. We’re committed to supporting initiatives that prioritise the safety of cyclists. The Fill That Hole website aligns seamlessly with our mission to advocate for the rights and wellbeing of cyclists on the road.”   

Notes to editors

  1. Cycling UK, the UK’s cycling charity, imagines a world where the streets are free of congestion and the air is clean to breathe, where parents encourage their children to cycle to school and everyone shares the exhilaration of being in the saddle. For more than 140 years, we’ve been making our streets safer, opening up new traffic free routes and inspiring more people to cycle more often. www.cyclinguk.org 
  2. Cycling UK’s Fill That Hole tool is powered by SocietyWorks’ FixMyStreet Pro and is available to use at: www.fillthathole.org.uk

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