Greater investment in the development of safer, greener transport needed as Cycling UK calls on candidates to pledge support

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Cycling UK's six manifesto asks would enable people to live happier, healthier and greener lives through cycling
Cycling UK has written to prospective party candidates to ask them to commit to six manifesto asks
  • Increase investment in active travel to at least 10% of the total transport budget within five years
  • Produce an integrated transport strategy designed to give people more transport choices, with targets to reduce traffic
  • Improve the planning system by ensuring all new homes are required to have excellent walking and cycling networks

Cycling UK has written to all main prospective party candidates asking them to commit to six manifesto asks to enable people to live happier, healthier and greener lives through cycling.

The charity is calling for cycling and walking to be prioritised in the next government’s plan to create better joined-up transport for all communities across the UK. Backed up by independent research by IPPR, one of Cycling UK’s key asks is for at least 10% of the total transport budget to be used for active travel within five years. The charity maintains that local authorities need the security of this long-term funding to have the confidence to develop and deliver ambitious plans for active travel networks.

Currently, the UK government produces transport strategies independently, having developed a rail strategy and an active travel strategy without thought as to how they could be more joined-up. Cycling UK would want to see better transport choices adopted through the creation of an integrated transport strategy, with targets to reduce traffic. They propose the government must do more to make it easy and enjoyable for the majority of people to get around by walking, wheeling or cycling, and for public and shared transport to be made more accessible. By providing better transport choices, the government can make day-to-day journeys good for our health, our communities, our economy and our environment, while also reducing traffic in line with net zero targets. 

Evidence has proven that walking and cycling is a beneficial way to get around . 77% of people agree that the UK would be better if more people cycled and 65% want roads changed to protect cyclists and pedestrians from cars.[1]

Sarah McMonagle, director of external affairs at Cycling UK, said:

“Cycling is a great transport option for millions of people across the UK and can save the NHS billions. With firm commitments from candidates during the General Election campaign, we can improve public health, address the climate crisis head-on, help boost the economy, and ease the cost-of-living crisis for everyone.

“This isn’t just an investment in transport, but an investment in a better and more prosperous future. Studies show for every £1 spent, we gain nearly £6 in benefits, one of the highest returns on investment from spending on transport.[2] The public support is there, we have the blueprint to build better communities, and we’re urging all candidates to back them.”

Cycling UK’s manifesto asks:

  1. Deliver long-term investment in cycling, walking and wheeling
  2. Provide better transport choices to reduce traffic
  3. Build truly sustainable new homes and developments
  4. Make our streets safer
  5. Help everyone to access nature
  6. Fix our failing road traffic laws

Cycling UK has engaged with hundreds of electoral candidates and will continue to work closely with them to ensure they recognise that cycling does not just relate to transport, but that it also relates to public health, the environment, the economy and so much more. To find out more, head to:

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