Let's get the best for cycling out of HS2

CTC is petitioning the House of Commons over the HS2 Phase 1 Bill
CTC isn’t taking sides on whether or not to build HS2 Phase 1 (the proposed high speed rail line between London and the West Midlands), but we do want to make sure that cyclists get the best deal out of the project.

CTC has therefore formally objected to the HS2 Phase 1 Parliamentary Bill, calling for amendments or commitment from the Bill’s promoters to:

  • ‘Cycle-proof’ the route to ensure that cycling across it, or in its vicinity, is safe, convenient and attractive;
  • ‘Cycle-proof’ all the stations, interchanges and other facilities involved to make sure that they offer good access to, from, within and (where relevant) through these facilities, together with appropriate cycle parking and storage provision;
  • Prevent the safety, convenience and attractiveness of cycling being adversely affected by streetworks associated with the project;
  • Secure the optimum cycle spaces on HS2 trains, including for people with disabilities who use cycles as mobility aids;
  • Ensure that any goods vehicles taking part in the construction work are safely designed and equipped (e.g. with cameras, sensors etc.), safely managed, driven by lorry drivers who have received cycle safety awareness training, and that they follow safe routes.

With the Government’s ‘Cycle Delivery Programme’ due out later this year, I hope Ministers will back the idea of 'cycle-proofing' the HS2 rail scheme.

Although it’s only one line through part of the UK, it would be a significant statement of the Government’s aspiration to see the 'cycle-proofing' principle adopted more widely.

Roger Geffen
CTC Campaigns Director

'Cycle-proofing' is a concept that's received the backing of Prime Minister David Cameron. Last summer, he pledged to 'cycle-proof' all schemes on the strategic road network – ensuring that safe and convenient cycle provision is designed into all projects. He also urged councils to do likewise for schemes on local roads.

This is the second time CTC has petitioned Parliament over a rail bill. In 2007/08, we took similar action - supported by the London Cycling Campaign - against the Crossrail Bill, with success. Our intervention helped ensure some really positive developments on safe lorry management (including lorry safety equipment, driver training etc.), as part of the major Crossrail project through London and beyond.

You can download CTC's petition from the link below.