Cycling UK launches exciting new strategy

Cycling UK has announced a brand new transformative strategy for 2024-29 that will help to create happier, healthier and greener lives through cycling

Cycling UK launched its new five-year strategy at a special event in Westminster on 12 June. The event was attended by movers and shakers in the world of active travel, including Will Norman, London’s walking and cycling commissioner, journalist Laura Laker and many representatives from Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling list.

Our new strategy identifies five main objectives, with the aim of getting more people to recognise the wellbeing, health and environmental benefits of cycling, even if they don’t cycle themselves:

  1. Improve perceptions of cycling so that everyone sees the benefits
  2. Boost the number and diversity of people who cycle
  3. Make cycling an even more positive experience
  4. Increase transport choice by enabling and encouraging more people to cycle local journeys
  5. Achieve greater impact by becoming the best possible charity we can be 

With these five strategic objectives, we will focus on improving public perceptions of cycling, boosting the diversity of cycling, making cycling a more positive experience, increasing transport choice, and further raising our profile and increasing our charitable impact.

CEO Sarah Mitchell, who spoke at the launch event, said: “The next five years is a pivotal time for us to demonstrate the wider benefits of cycling. As some politicians have sought to reframe cycling as a culture war issue over the past year, using rhetoric to divide all road users, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to remind people of the overwhelming positive impact of cycling.

“We already know cycling is a fantastic transport option for millions of people across the UK, and we want even more people to see how it can improve public health, boost wellbeing and enhance our environment.

A big group of women are gathered together in front of a big sign talking about how cycling can make the world a better place
A gathering of 100 Women in Cycling nominees attended the launch event

“Cycling UK has delivered decades of community and campaigning work, and we have a proven track record of making change happen. We are proud of the accomplishments we’ve already made to make the UK greener and healthier, and with our new strategy, we are committed to having an even greater impact in the coming years.”

With cycling becoming another focal point of the culture wars, we are aware that we have a responsibility to create a groundswell of wider public support for cycling.

This public support will help make our shared road space safer and engage and persuade policymakers to introduce cycling-friendly policies and investment, recognising its potential to build happier, healthier and greener communities.

We believe that cycling delivers a huge range of benefits to society, and the research backs this up. It shows that 60% of all car journeys in England are under five miles.

More than three-quarters (77%) of people in the UK agree that it would be better if more people cycled and 65% want roads changed to protect cyclists and pedestrians from cars. Studies have also shown that for every £1 spent, we gain almost £6 in benefits. One of the highest returns on investment from spending on sport.

Our new strategy will help us to ensure the UK recognises that cycling relates to more than just transport. It can improve public health, the environment, the economy, and so much more.