'Cycling Music' tour raises funds for CDF

Richard Durrant on stage during his Cycling Music tour 2015
CTC's Cyclists' Defence Fund thanks guitarist Richard Durrant for raising funds for the charity and awareness of the support it provides to the UK's cyclists.
‘Stand up, barefoot, un-classical guitarist’ Richard Durrant has spent much of the last few months travelling around England and Scotland by bicycle, carrying his touring equipment with him in panniers and a trailer, and spreading the joy of music and cycling.
In 2014, his ‘Cycling Music’ tour raised funds for the Norwich based 'Big C' cancer charity, and this year he chose to raise funds for the Cyclists’ Defence Fund. A percentage from ticket proceeds was donated, £360 in total. 
CDF is immensely grateful to Richard for the funds he raised and for raising awareness of the charity from Sussex to Skye.
Richard says he "made a big point of telling each audience about CDF" and also spoke about the organisation in various radio interviews throughout the tour.
Towards the end of his long line of gigs, three cyclists were killed in London and another was critically injured. Richard also witnessed the aftermath of a cycling crash where a man was lying unconscious in the road, having been hit from behind on a dual carriageway. Richard said that after this experience he re-doubled his efforts to stay safe on his bike and spread the word about CDF and the support it provides cyclists across the UK.
Richard will appear on the Wilderness Stage at the Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire on 8 August. Make sure to catch him if you’re there!
More information about Richard and future gigs can be found on www.richard-durrant.com
If you are interested in fundraising for CDF, please email info@cyclistsdefencefund.org.uk