CTC joins BBC on a tandem

Richard Westcott and Roger Geffen (L to R) taking to London's streets. Image courtesy of BBC
You'd better believe it! CTC’s Roger Geffen talks to BBC Transport Correspondent Richard Westcott about cycle safety on Wednesday 5 November’s BBC Breakfast show.

Cycling while doing an interview is always interesting, especially when on a tandem."
Roger Geffen
Campaigns and Policy Director

As BBC Breakfast continues to host its series 'Cycling – The Road Ahead' this week, Campaigns and Policy Director Roger Geffen mounts a tandem (without a helmet) and pedals along London’s South Bank with presenter Richard Wescott.

While the piece was originally focused on discussing headphone use while cycling, Roger will also speak at length on other aspects of cycle safety.

The show airs on Wednesday morning, and Roger is expected to be pedalling across your screen at 06.20, 07.20 and 08.20 (though this is subject to change). If you happen to watch please do let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Although the programme is not available on i-Player, Roger Geffen's comments are also included in an article on the BBC website called Would these five changes actually help cyclists?