40% off ICE-scan tags

Ice Scan Police Image
ICE-scan provides an ICE-scan tag which you can place on your cycle helmet, mobile phone or bike to give the emergency services access to your medical history and emergency contacts quickly and utilises What3Words location finder to help direct the emergency services straight to you in the event of an accident.

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At Cycling UK, we understand that feeling safe on your bike is very important. Incidents can happen, and if they do, it’s vital that the emergency services are able to identify you and access your medical records, quickly and securely and that they can locate you quickly.  

In Case of Emergency (ICE-scan) ensures this is possible. Developed in association with senior clinicians, paramedics, and emergency services, the ICE-scan QR tag contains technology linked to a secure database containing information entered and verified by you.

The app is now partnered with 'What3Words' and their location finder which is invaluable in pinpointing your location ensuring the Emergency Services can get to you quickly in the event of an accident.  Acknowledged by the college of Paramedics and Association of Ambulance Chief Executives and with 40% off to Cycling UK members get yourself protected for less with a subscription for just £14.40 for a pack of five ICE-scan tags. 

How does ICE-scan work?

When paramedics or first on scene spot the ICE-scan tag with its ‘Blue Star of Life’ logo, they can remove its protective security layer to reveal your QR code.

They can then scan this using the ICE-scan app or camera on their mobile device to reveal your medical and contact information.

ICE-scan have also incorporated What3Words location finder GPS technology into their app which will direct emergency services to your exact location.

How to access

  • Scan the QR code or download the ICE-scan app from either Apple and Android app stores.
  • Create your account, enter your Cycling UK discount code and subscribe. 
  • Your ICE-scan pack containing your activation code and five QR tags will arrive within a few days.
  • Open the app and complete your medical details.
  • Activate your account by saving the information to your QR code, peel your complete ICE-scan tags (two layers) and place on your helmet, mobile or other suitable surface.

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