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Welcome to Tyne Valley Cycling Club homepage, who are an affiliated group of Cycling UK.

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Tyne Valley Cycling Club are a Cycling UK affiliated group.

Information about the group rides

We operate two groups, group A and group B which vary in pace and distance covered. Both groups are recreational, non-competitive.

Group rides meet at the War Memorial car park, Wylam (see map).

Meeting times are as follows:

For Group A - 9:30am on Wednesday and Friday.  On Sunday, 9am during British Summer Time and 9:30am outside that period.

For Group B - half an hour after group A, so 10am on Wednesday and Friday.  On Sunday, 9:30am during BST and 10am outside that period.

Group average speeds:

Group A can range 10-14 mph depending on the terrain, but typically 11-13mph.  Rides vary between 30-50 miles in winter to 60-70 miles in summer.

Group B can range 8-12 mph depending on the terrain, but typically 9-11mph. Rides vary between 20-30 miles in winter and 30-40 miles in summer.

Both groups always call at cafes/tea rooms for lunch and afternoon tea, so the rides are actually broken up into three smaller chunks. We don't leave anyone behind on rides, we help each other with punctures, mechanical issues etc.  Our emphasis is on enjoying exercise in a friendly, sociable environment.

If you are interested in trying us out, just come along on one or two of our rides.  There's no obligation to join straightaway, but if you enjoy the experience, we'd love you to join our club.

Membership is only £3 per year at present.

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