Rough-Stuff Fellowship - the off-road cycling club

Rough-Stuff Fellowship riders on a group ride

Welcome to the Rough-Stuff Fellowship, the original off-road cycle touring and mountain biking club.

Our activities

MTB/Offroad rides
Leisure/Touring rides
Family rides

About us

The RSF... we're a Cycling UK affiliated club which covers the UK and beyond. 

We're certainly not your average off-road cycling or mountain biking club. The RSF has a lot going on for riders of all ages, abilities and interests. Whether you are after a gentle ride on the cycle paths, an outing on the local tracks and trails, all day back-country epics, or even multi-day off-road touring or bikepacking adventures, you are sure to find some like-minded people to ride with.

For more information please visit the RSF Website.

We also have a lively community of members on Facebook open to members and non-members alike.

Information about the group rides

The RSF are the longest established off-road cycling club in the UK and have rides and events to suit all ages and abilities. Many rides take place each week in various locations around the country. Information about all these activities can be found on our events calendar which also features our annual meets.

Rides will vary in standard, but we aim to cater for riders of all abilities, with the only requirements really being something to cycle (and yes that includes electric bikes) and a sense of love for adventure and the outdoors. 

There you will discover all the details of our national events and those organised by our many local groups and how to make contact with them.

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