North Birmingham Cycling UK

Our activities

MTB/Offroad rides
Audax/Sportive road rides
Leisure/Touring rides

About us

We are a cycling club that has been in existence since 1920 and are a Cycling UK member group (previously CTC).We have 16 rides each week with over 100 members participating.Our rides are mainly in the beautiful country lanes of Warwickshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands and South Derbyshire.

About Us

Our rides cater for all kinds of ability and age. There is a range of speeds from the slower rides at around 9 mph to the faster groups at 17 mph and the lengths vary from 20 mile rides up to 70 mile all day rides. Other rides include our Audax, Mountain biking and the Club 100. There is a ride each day except "We don't like Mondays"?. The Club will organise various social events throughout the year ranging from meals to trips away.

Joining Us

To join us on the road, look at our rides lists. Choose a suitable ride, then come along with your bike to the meeting point with a guest registration form. After three rides with us, we ask you to join Cycling UK  



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