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We ride for pleasure in beautiful countryside - do come and join us.

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CTC Lancaster & South Lakes is a 'main member group' (i.e. not an affiliated group) of Cycling UK, covering the geographical area of the northern part of Lancashire and south Cumbria - all the postal districts with the prefix 'LA'. Many of the group's rides start from around Lancaster but follow routes planned by leaders into the local countryside. To the north, east and south of Lancaster there is wonderful cycling country with a variety of landscapes, quiet roads and great views. We have weekly Sunday Club rides, an annual Club holiday, social events and the annual Bowland Forest Populaire (an Audax and Cycling UK Tourist event). A number of our members also ride with an affiliated group known as the Thursday Riders who have a ride planned by a leader each week, and then there are various informal rides. This link will take you to our rides Calendar

The Club does not organise races, hill climbs or time trials - it specializes in day touring. This means rides of between 45 and 70 miles that can take most of a day but we like to stop for coffee (and scones!) in the morning and then again for lunch at midday or a little later. Some new members - and some who've been riding with us a long time - prefer shorter rides and they just come along to coffee and then make their way back. For those not used to riding longer distances, the 20-30 miles of a ride to coffee is a good introduction and on Tuesdays there is an informal ride to a local cafe of this distance. At lunch time, the main rides usually visit a particular cafe or a small town with a number of cafes and pubs, but some members like to take their own sandwiches, especially during the summer. The pace of rides varies but ride leaders are careful to match it to those on the ride and everyone is happy to stop and 'regroup' every so often. When the ride takes a turn at a junction we make sure that everyone knows which way to go. The countryside around Lancaster is particularly beautiful and the ride leaders in the Club have built up a detailed knowledge of possible routes in all directions. We seldom go 'off-road' but have a preference for the quieter back lanes. Sometimes the rides include hills - but the uphill effort is rewarded with views across the landscape and, sooner or later, a freewheel descent.

The Club also organises social events including a 'festive dinner' early in each new year, a pancake dinner, quiz nights, evening rides to a pub, photo and film evenings and more. Club members have a strong interest in the provision of facilities for cyclists in the Lancaster and South Lakes area (and beyond) and we have a Campaigns Coordinator,  who keeps tabs on the changes to cycle lanes, public rights of way, temporary traffic lights, multi-use paths and other cycleways.

If you would like to join us do get in touch with our Club and Members Secretary, Len Howard, or our Rides Secretary, Mike Codd - there are no fees for Cycling UK members. You will be welcome to come and join us for a ride or two while you find out if our sort of cycling is for you.

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