Information for Riders

Group of people riding


Welcome to Huddersfield and District CTC. We hope you enjoy your riding with us. BEFORE THE RIDE:

Please check our website that you know who the Leader for the day will be, and what the route is going to be. (This information is under both the Events and News menus). Our Facebook page will give further details nearer the date.

BAD WEATHER : please check with the Leader well before the start of the ride. Any last minute postponement will be announced on the Club Facebook page.

Bring a spare inner tube, puncture repair kit, allen keys, spanners and a pump.

Please ensure that you carry written personal ID.

Always have a WATERPROOF and EMERGENCY FOOD (e.g. energy bars or a banana or two), together with a drink.

Have some money to pay for refreshments.

If possible, carry a mobile phone and let the leader know your number.


Identify the Leader and Back-Up Rider and make sure you have at least one of their phone numbers. Give them your mobile number.

Make sure the Leader is aware, if appropriate, of any medication you may need on the ride and its whereabouts either on yourself or your bike.


Always ensure that you keep the Leader or Back-Up Rider in sight if you are not confident of the exact route.

If you should become separated from the group, PHONE THE LEADER IMMEDIATELY.

RIDE SAFELY by obeying the Highway Code and by attending to shouted advice from other riders. Ride in single file on narrow and busy roads. Keep a safe distance from the rider in front of you.

Be aware that, IN THE FINAL STAGES of a ride, the group will often split up, depending on the routes individuals need to take home. Alert the Leader if you are leaving the main group.


FINALLY: Our Leaders have undergone comprehensive training and are well used to possible problems, so please contact your Leader about any issue arising on the day.