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Friendly, unhurried cycling in the Horsham, Crawley, East Grinstead area of Sussex and Surrey.

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Bob Moore
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About us 

We are a group of CTC members living in the north of West Sussex - ranging from Rudgwick in the west to East Grinstead in the east. We enjoy riding through the wonderful countryside around us and have grouped together in order to provide a programme of rides throughout the year. Our rides are generally unhurried and are planned at an average speed of about 10 mph, thus making them suitable for most riders. We provide a friendly welcome to fellow cyclists on our rides whether CTC members or not, pride ourselves on our knowledge of the local routes and are proud of the fact that we never leave anyone behind.

Further down this page you can find more information about us and details of forthcoming rides. This list also appears in the West Sussex CTC Member Group publication "The Pedaller" but the version on this page should always be viewed as the definitive one as it is more up to date.

The best place to see what we're doing is our  Meetup page.

Upcoming rides feature on our Meetup page and any last minute changes/details can be found there. Joining our Meetup group is free and you can then indicate whether you will be attending our ride and be able to ask questions about it.   

Our Facebook Group is a place in which we occasionally post various photos and chitter-chatter. Click on: Horsham and Crawley CTC 

Write ups of rides back in 2016 and earlier are available in the Blog that we kept back then. Our Flickr page also contains photos from some of our past rides. 

Information about the group rides 

06/04/2021:   We are currently riding in groups of up to 6 people, limited to Cycling UK members only, with preference given to our Member Group members.

As Government restrictions are lifted, we will extend the offer to other CTC members and then guests when anyone and everyone is welcome to take part in our rides, but we would expect people to join our Group after two or three rides in order to make a contribution towards our costs (membership is only £5 a year). 

the latest details and availability for each of our rides is best found on our Meetup page   .

n.b. as we are a CTC Member Group, individual CTC membership is also necessary to fully benefit from the insurance and discounts available.

Date Start Start Time Title Leader(s) Surface; Length; Difficulty Description
11-Apr PP 10:00 Shermanbury Shuffle Bob Road, 29 miles, medium Bring Picnic. Road ride with 1 mile of bridleway.
18-Apr HPP 09:30 Ruby's Café Adam Road, 35 miles, medium/hard Hilly Road ride to North of Horsham
25-Apr TBR 09:30 Chiddingstone Castle Frank T Road, 40 miles, Medium Possible refreshment stop at Chiddingstone, else at Edenbridge
02-May HPP 09:30 Ashington Frank P On road and downs link, 42, medium Details to come
09-May TBR 09:30 Heaven Farm Ros Uses Worth Way and roads 40 miles. Worth Way to East Grinstead and then south into Ashdown Forest. Refreshments at Heaven Farm. Possibly use Forest Way/Worth Way to return to TBR.
16-May HPP 09:30 Horsham Circular Pete Road, 35 Miles Medium Circumnaviogates Horsham. Crawley riders can intercept at Colgate. More detail to come.
23-May BRS 10:00   for   10:30 I-Spy. (DA Event) Bob 25 Mile Bicycle Treasure Hunt Bring picnic and a pen, follow route instructions and answer clues along the way. Starts and finishes at Billingshurst Railway Station.  
30-May HPP 09:30 Destination Horley Dave Road, 35 miles, easy/medium Outdoor refreshment stop.
06-Jun TBR 09:30 Gordon's Southern Loop Gordon Road/some stone surfaced track, 25 miles, medium The ride will be followed by the Q3 Runslist meeting at Gordons House.

Start Points:

BRS     -   Billingshurst Railway Station                       

CHI     -   Chichester Railway Station (north side)

CK2    -   Crawley K2 Leisure Centre

EGS    -   East Grinstead Station (at bottom of steps)

HPP    -   Horsham Park Pavilion (Swimming Centre )

LIB      -   Crawley Library

PG      -   Polegate Railway Station (car park)

PP      -   Pease Pottage (in front of The Black Swan 

PUL    -   Pulborough Railway Station                         

PWB   -   Pulborough Wild Brooks RSPB Centre (cafe)                                   

TBR    -   Three Bridges Railway Station

WIS    -   Wisborough Green


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