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'In normal circumstances East Yorkshire CTC operate planned group rides for cyclists with a range of abilities. This is not possible currently but we are using the pandemic time-out to survey our membership to determine the types of rides they would like in future. Once this exercise has been completed, we will be able to refresh this web page. In the meanwhile, anyone who would like to cycle with East Yorkshire CTC should contact the Secretary using email for the latest situation'.

Information about the group rides 

We are fortunate in having an excellent range of unclassified and smaller roads in our area and rarely need to use busy routes.

Our Club was 90 years old a coupe of years ago, and in 2017 our oldest active rider, Ray himself turned 90 and bought a new fancy road bike.

No-one is left behind and through this year we have managed to get out either in small groups of up to 6 when allowed or as household/bubbled groups.

Our rides are typically on Sundays and Thursdays, but many of the retired members go out on other days as well. We regularly ride betweeen 30 and 50 miles and occasionally further.

If you would like to ride with us we hope you will find a warm welcome. Contact the Secretary (Dave Berger) with the link above.




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This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19