Dunfermline Cycling Club

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Dunfermline Cycling Club

Welcome to the Dunfermline Cycling Club page, an affiliated group of CTC.

Our activities 
MTB/Offroad rides
Audax/Sportive road rides
Leisure/Touring rides
About us 

Dunfermline Cycling Club is affiliated to the CTC and Scottish Cycling.

For more information or to join the club please refer to our main web site.

Information about the group rides 

Club Rides

Any prospective members can come along to these rides, but after a maximum of 5 rides you must become a member of the club.

New Starts Ride:

A guided ride so riders can relax, learn new skills, build confidence on the road and get to know members of the club.  This is a social ride so no riders will be left behind and the group will ride at the pace comfortable for all. 

Saturday Café Run: 

Known by most as the "Bun Run", this is the mainstay of recreational road cycling in the club. Perfect for a new comer to the club the distance is approximately 35miles. There are different start times for different speed groups with a strict "no drop" policy in the slowest the pace being set to allow everyone to be able to cycle together.

Sunday Runs:

Usually more variable in size, the routes are often decided at the time and chosen in relation to weather conditions and the requirements of individuals.

Tuesday Night Chaingang:

For those training for races or just wanting to go fast, the Tuesday night chaingang is the perfect opportunity. "Chaingang lite" has also started providing tutoring on the technique of a chaingang to those new to the concept.

Tuesday Night MTB Ride:

A muddier alternative to the chaingang, this ride lasts circa 2 hours and the route is decided on the night, depending on weather.

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