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Welcome to the Cycle Evesham Vale homepage, who are an affiliated group of CTC.

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About us

Cycle Evesham Vale is a campaign group representing and promoting all things cycling in the beautiful Vale of Evesham.

Our aims are:
• To promote safe and responsible cycling as an effective means of local transport in the Vale of Evesham 
• To represent the interests of cyclists in Evesham Vale to local councils, Highways Agency and other relevant bodies
• To champion the development of improved infrastructure for cyclists in the Vale. 
• To provide a source of information and advice to local and visiting cyclists
• To reduce dependency on the motor car, reduce pollution and so improve our environment

In pursuit of the above aims, CEV activities may include:
Cycling advocacy 
• Lobbying for improved cycling environment and infrastructure, working with councils, communities, clubs, Cycling UK, Sustrans and other national cycling organisations 
• Partnering with local clubs and other organizations with an interest in cycling, both on and off road
• Planning, mapping, signage and promotion of cycle routes and classifying roads by Bikeability 1, 2 and 3, working towards the reality that ‘All Roads are Bikeable’
• Celebrating those drivers and transport operators who share the roads effectively in harmony with cyclists
Cycle experience, 
• Training individuals of all ages in safe and responsible cycling
• Promotion of safe and responsible cycling, using correct equipment, clothing and lights.
• Guided social cycle rides for adults, including those with learning difficulties
• Organising, promoting and supporting local cycling events and festivals
Cycling for health and wellbeing
• Organising, promoting and supporting cycle-based activity in partnership with health, education and fitness groups.
• Promoting leisure cycling, touring and cycle holidays in the Vale and surrounding areas
• Provision of signage and maps showing suggested leisure cycling routes 
• Encourage the development of a cycle friendly café society
Cycle repair
• Giving old bikes a new lease of life – re-cycling cycles
• Providing 'Dr Bike' sessions to check and where possible improve roadworthiness of local bikes
• Providing links to cycle repair resources, both shops and individuals operating from home
Cycle supply 
• Giving bikes to those who would otherwise not have them (social services partnership?)
• Loan bikes to those who need them
• Cycle hire at affordable prices for both local and visiting cyclists

We aim to achieve the following outcomes 
• Make the Vale of Evesham a great place to cycle 
• Increased cycle usage in Worcestershire
• Improved communication, cooperation and networking amongst cyclists through website and other social media
• Make cycling a realistic and safe transport choice
• Getting families and young people to see cycling as a normal mode of transport
• Increase fitness and wellbeing and save on Health costs
• Increasing volume and revenue for the local economy from cyclotourism

Information about the group rides

Our scenic social rides are the 3rd Sunday of every month and start from Evesham Market Square. Rides will normally be between 15 & 20 miles & we plan to be back in Evesham by 5 pm at the very latest. Children of all ages are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

Please check our Facebook or Let’s Ride pages for more details about rides and activities.

Before setting off on your bike always check your brakes, gears, spokes, tyres etc. If possible always try to carry a spare inner tube, tyre levers & a pump but do not worry if you do not have these or are not confident about changing a tyre as the group will stop and give you a hand – no one is ever left behind!
The weather can be variable and it’s a good idea to pack a lightweight waterproof just in case. Also a number of thin layers are more effective at keeping out the cold and more comfortable to ride in.  Extra socks and full finger gloves are a must for most cyclists during the winter.

Remember to bring water and make sure you are not planning to ride on an empty stomach – have a light meal before setting out to ensure you have sufficient energy to enjoy the ride. If you are very new to cycling you might want to bring along a few snacks to eat when we stop for a breather just to ensure your energy levels are maintained.


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