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About us

Cycle Ayrshire, part of Cycling UK, covers three counties, resulting in an area some 60 miles long by 30 miles wide before the inclusion of the island of Arran.

We start regular rides at various points throughout the three counties and try to offer some further afield to encourage members to widen their cycling experiences.

Ayrshire possesses some of the most beautiful and picturesque cycling roads in the west of Scotland.

Being coastal, it not only commands striking views across the Firth of Clyde and the Irish Sea but it also contains a rural patchwork of quiet country lanes rising gently from the coast.

Cycle Ayrshire has been thriving now for over 30 years, providing a rich and varied annual programme of cycle runs which explore the natural beauty of the area. 

Information about the group rides

Each month the club organises a number of different runs which are designed to suit all tastes.

We normally host a Longer ride of around 40-60 miles, and a Medium run of around 25 miles. 

The pace may be easy but not necessarily the terrain!

We also organise monthly Ladies Only runs, and occasional Midweek Runs for those who have some free time during the week.

There are also a number of Special Runs organised throughout the year which try to take us to areas of interest outwith our usual haunts.

We have irregular DIY rides where a cafe/restaurant/whatever, and a time, is nominated for a get-together.

You make your own way there and your own way back, allowing you to choose exactly how long or short a day you want to make of it.

Details of the events such as the start point, intended lunch stops, etc. can be viewed on our web site.

Cycle Ayrshire places the emphasis on leisure and social cycling and strives to ensure that all participants in our cycling programme are well supported by fellow cyclists to get the most enjoyment from their bikes and our lovely countryside.

If you happen to be in our area and would like to participate, why not check out our website at, where you will get full details of all our activities and some contact numbers for further information.


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