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Assisted Cycling Events

Welcome to Assisted Cycling Events homepage, who are an affiliated group of CyclingUK

About us 

If you have a small group that wants to take part in an organised cycle ride in West Fife (near Dunfermline), we might just be able to help you!!


If you are a visitor to Scotland and would like the opportunity to see a little of the Fife Countryside on a bike for a few hours - with a volunteer guide - get in touch! ...

ACE has been around since 2000 and we're passionate about encouraging people to think about cycling for health and well-being purposes. Incredibly, through grants, fundraising and donations, we've managed to provide people with good quality bikes and helmets for their rides - free of charge!

Occasionally, we ask for a small donation to cover van hire and fuel costs but that's all!!

Interested? Get in touch with your details and we'll get back to you.

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Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19