0745 Rouleurs

Cycling UK Affiliated Group

0745 Rouleurs

Welcome to 745 Rouleurs homepage, who are an affilated group of Cycling UK.

About us 

0745 Rouleurs are a Cycling UK affilated group.

A loose affiliation of like minded cyclists, leaving the Castlehill Road/Newtownards Road junction, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, at 07:45 every Saturday and Sunday. Strava club membership is open to all who ride regularly with us. New riders are always welcome to join us on our rides.

For more information please go to the 0745 Rouleurs Website.


Information about the group rides 

We meet at 07:45 every Saturday & Sunday at the junction of Castlehill Road and Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland. We also have various early morning and evening rides throughout the week.



Our area