Individual membership

Cycling UK Individual membership £52 per year/ £4.34 per month

Individual membership

As a Cycling UK member, you will receive great cycling benefits including insurance, discounts and expert advice and information. Join us to share the love of cycling and our vision for a better world by bike. 

Cycling UK is the UK's cycling charity, your membership will enable us to have a louder voice to lobby government, campaign for improved rights and inspire millions more people to cycle. Everything we do as a charity is made possible by our members and supporters.

What's included

  • Free £10m third-party liability insurance and legal assistance- 24hr incident line.
  • Discounted bicycle insurance.
  • Discounts from retailers including Cotswold Outdoor, Halfords and Runners Need, YHA and more... 
  • Cycle magazine, the UK’s most read cycling magazine. There are six issues per calendar year. 
  • Cycling UK has hundreds of member groups and affiliate groups across the UK you can ride with. 
  • Expert cycling advice and content delivered straight to your inbox. 

Why do I need insurance?

We all ride with the intention of keeping safe and avoiding incident, but occasionally, the unfortunate can occur. Although you may not be at fault - you could, for example, have unintentionally damaged a car, or caused injury to a fellow cyclist. 

Third-party liability insurance covers you for any claims made against you for damage or injury. Our members are automatically covered up to £10 million by this policy. 

It covers sportives, charity rides, audax, time trials and other rides, as long as they are not competitive in nature. Electric pedal bikes are also included. Using cycles for business is covered too, but not for those specifically employed as a cyclist, for example as a courier. 


Retail benefits

  • 8% off Halfords, Freewheel, Cycle training courses. 
  • 15% off Cotswold Outdoor, Runners Need, Bike Register security marking kits, Snow and Rock. 
  • 50% off YHA membership which entitles you to a further 10% off accommodation, 
  • Free Komoot region bundle. 
  • Once you are a member you will have online access to the discount codes and offers.