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Audax/Sportive road rides
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About us

Walsall Bike Project is located at  The Rugby Club off Delves Road , Walsall. It is a bike recycling centre that can provide adult and childrens bikes at low cost to the Walsall Community. We can help you maintain your own bicycle with formal or informal instruction.

WBP is always looking for volunteers so if you enjoy mending bicycles feel free to pop down and meet Steve. Supported by CUK there are sometimes FREE certified maintenance courses on offer.

If you want to get back into cycling OR Learn to Ride lessons, WBP can signpost you to local CUK clubs that offer the opportunity and if you want to start a club in your area just email lesley.easter@cyclinguk.org and she will be happy to help! 


Information about the group rides

Cyclocross style sessions now on.... FREE .. all ages and abilities welcome.

Monday 4.30-5pm a bit of fun.  improve skills and fitness. These sessions are drop in and ongoing.  Cancellation announcements on our facebook page

Contact walsallbikeproject@gmail.com  07988058862

Text or email is best way to contact. Facebook group walsall bike project forum is best for latest info, inc cancellations or random events such as training rides or weekend leisure pedals .


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