Sevenoaks Post-Office Chain Gang

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Sevenoaks Post-Office Chain Gang

Hello - we are a small group cycling together on Sunday morning and starting from Sevenoaks Post Office.  We do between 45km and 60km typically in the small country lanes.  We are usually 6 to 8 on a good Sunday (age range from 30's y to 70's)  - we like hills and the average speed is about 20 kmph - we aim to be back by 11am with only one banana stop.  For more information you can contact me (secretary for the group) at or call me on 0788 082 8880 - - Thank you for your interest. JP

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Sevenoaks Post-Office Chain Gang are a Cycling UK affiliated group. As mentioned above we are a friendly and open group.  Our attendance fluctuates between 4 and 8 cyclists on a normal Sunday morning.  We start at Sevenoaks Post office a 8 am except in Dec and Jan when it is 8:30 am. We are typically back before lunch and have one banana stop.  For more info please contact jp at or mobile 0788 082 8880

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