Ludford 03-03-2024

Cycling UK Louth Sunday ride to Ludford and Donnington on Bain
3rd March 2024
Another sharp frost and well below average temperatures might have deterred attendees but meeting up with Tim Newbery at Louth’s Leisure Centre were John Rickett and Alan Hockham who'd turned up with a shiny clean bike. Brakes were spotless. Chris Owen and Sven Livesey had indicated that they’d meet up with the group at Ludford whilst Paul Linder had sent his apologies.
Although chilly, skies were bright and for once there was hardly a breath of wind which made for good cycling condition and we’d encounter quite a number of solo cyclists, also out on this first Sunday of meteorological spring.
At North Ormsby there’s always an air of anticipation of the steep incline up to Boswell Road but at everyone’s own speed we arrived at the summit in good spirits. John assumed the position of photographer in chief at this stage, awaiting the arrival of Tim who was leading from the rear as is customary. Sightings of birds of prey from this vantage point an added bonus.
Circumnavigating the former RAF Kelstern airfield, we’d soon pick up speed along the undulating lanes to Ludford Magna where Chris and Sven greeted us as we entered the Viking Way Garden Café & Gift Shop. We were well looked after and the generous sized sausage and bacon baps went down a treat.
Following refreshments and with the group now numbering five we’d make our way to Sixhills and Hainton. Chris was enjoying a rare spin on his hybrid Giant cycle. It’ll be interesting to see if next week East Lindsey give planning approval for the updated plans for the Wolds Bike Park to be sited in the Hainton Estate.
Having made our way up to the Belmont transmitting station, it would be downhill all the way to Donnington on Bain from the ‘High Street’ and a visit to the village shop for a coffee. Thanks go to John.
With Chris heading off for home, the remainder would choose the ascent up to the Bluestone Heath Road via Manor Hill. Great views as always from the former RAF Steningot Chain Holme Transmitter tower. This would also be today’s highest altitude at 151 m (495 ft).
Arrived back in Louth at about 2 pm having covered 33 miles. Thanks to all for the company. Next week a trip to the seaside. Current forecast: 35 mph easterly winds straight off Cleethorpes beach. Brrrr.