Cycling UK Lincolnshire Photography Competition 2023


​1. All images must be taken within Lincolnshire and while out on a bike. The idea is to showcase the Lincolnshire countryside and the wide variety of events and places of interest that can be reached by bike.


2. All entries to be in 'DIGITAL' format, each image to be no larger than 10 MB.

Images to be sent via email to: no later than two weeks before the AGM on Sunday  30th April 2023.

Maximum email attachment size 10 MB so you may need to submit 3 emails.


3. Images must be taken during the year before the AGM (May 2022 until April 2023).


4. No more than three images per person and the entrant, who must have taken the images, must hold a current Cycling UK membership. Please include membership number with your entry.


5. The judging will take place after ‘Any Other Business’ of the AGM on Sunday 30th April 2023. The judge’s decision will be final.


6. Please note that the images may be used to promote Cycling UK and published. All recognisable people to be asked to fill in and sign a Cycling UK Photography and Video Consent Form

(See attachment). 


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