Cycling UK East Midlands Networking Event

Cycling UK East Midlands Networking Event - February 8th 2022.

Information sharing and Best Practice.

Location: The Nottingham Mechanics, 3 North Sherwood Street, Nottingham, NG1 4EZ.

Co-Ordinator Lauren Baker, Cycling UK’s Development Officer – East Midlands.

Delegates included Tim Newbery and Melanie Carroll.



‘Delivering cycling for everyone’, seen a key strategic part of Cycling UK’s work. Cycling UK is keen to engage with non-cyclists or those who don’t cycle very often.

'BIG BIKE REVIVAL'  in partnership with DfT (established in 2014).

The event focused on the 'Big Bike Revival', a behaviour change intervention helping everyone and anyone to begin or return to cycling through a programme of FREE activities and services, delivered by organisations who are part of the community and address local needs. The programme is funded by the Department for Transport (DfT) and organised by Cycling UK.

For funding to be awarded, there's a minimum number of events that are required to be organised. A mix of events that enable a community to start cycling through fixing bikes (Dr. Bike), teaching skills and leading rides. The good news is that Dft has just confirmed that funding will be available for the coming financial year (grants to be awarded from about middle of May). Across the East Midlands in 2021, £100,000 was awarded across a total of 407 events. This accounted for 10% of the budget for the Big Bike Revival programme in England.

It was noted that in the East Midlands there were a number of Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival partners that had been awarded a grant in 2021. All part of our 'Behaviour Change' project in ‘Making Cycling Accessible to All’. These included Community Cycle Clubs (CCC's), Bicycle Recycling Centres, Charities, Social Enterprises, Community Interest Companies, Volunteer-led Groups and Community Hubs. The majority were located in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Northamptonshire with only one organisation in Lincolnshire. A lot of work to do in Lincolnshire as Melanie Carroll commented.

There were presentations from some of Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival Partners which included ‘Inclusive Pedals’ and ‘Women in Tandem’ and a workshop on the theory of Behaviour Change. For many of the delegates this was seen as an important part of the day's activities.

Anyone intending to register events for the Big Bike Revival or seek to set up a Community Cycle Club feel free to contact the committee or contact Cycling UK. 


Communication is key!

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