Pedal to the Pitch

Nine attendees of led ride from Liverpool Street Station to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, standing outside stadium with bikes.

Cleaner, greener and more enjoyable ways to get to the footy

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About us

We love football - We love the planet

Football is our passion, we love playing, watching and talking about football. Football fans are the biggest community in the world, any one of us can be put on the other side of the world and connect with someone from an entirely different background over OUR beautiful game. We saw how powerful the collective energy of football supporters can be during the European Super League protests in 2021, when fans from across Europe came together to resist a corrupt and damaging change to football.

We want to harness that passion and devotion to tackle the biggest problem facing our game.

We want the football community to bring their voices together to support the planet. 


The Problem

Research suggests that football fans travelling to games makes up between 70-90% of a football club's carbon footprint

Driving is still the most common way for fans to attend games, leaving huge amounts of CO2 in the air, impacting fellow fans and the local community

The impact of thousands of fans driving to games is causing more accidents, more traffic jams and damaging roads, stopping people who live locally to grounds leaving their houses on matchdays


The Solution

Not everyone can pick up a bicycle and in 20 minutes be cheering on the terraces. But that does not mean you cannot find sustainable ways to get to a game.

We will campaign to improve the infrastructure around stadiums for cycles

Encourages clubs to make their stadiums more accessible for all cycles

Support fans find safe routes and healthy ways to get to games

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