Guidance for Riders and Ride Leaders

Guidance for Riders and Ride Leaders

What you need to know before riding.

CTC Suffolk is a very friendly group that aims to encourage people young and old to take up the immensely enjoyable and healthy activity of cycling. Our organising committee and all of its members will always be willing to advise or help anybody wishing to take up leisure cycling.

The following links are to downloadable pages that provide specific advice regarding various aspects of participating with our activities. Please click on the blue highlighted links below for more information.

FAQ asked by people considering cycling with any member group of Cycling UK.

Guidance to Riders. This downloads a printable document that explains the practices of group riding. 

Guidance to Ride Leaders. Experienced members of CTC Suffolk voluntarily take turns of leading the rides planned by the rides co-ordinator. This link downloads a printable document that summaries the role of the ride leader and their responsibilities.

Guidance to Parents, and Riders under 18 years old. The national council of Cycling UK has laid down strict guidelines on the participation of children of all ages. This link downloads a printable document that advises parents on age restrictions and how children will be treated on rides with CTC Suffolk.

For further information call our Secretary on 01394 272677 or meet us at a ride start point or pub venue for a chat.

General advice on how to stay legal from Cycling UK -

UK Highway Code -


Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19