3 Questions - General Statements

3 Questions - General Statements

Reform UK (Woodfield)

I am a very big fan of two wheels, in the past I would cycle from Milan Italy to Lugano Switzerland, via lake Como, in fact it became a regular trip. We started off as just 2 friends, then a few years later we were over 15. 
I believe Stevenage is a missed opportunity for cyclists, we certainly have more cycling infrastructure than most towns. I have many times thought we could put these infrastructures to good use by creating more cycling events which could include music & cycle markets, training & cycling showcases.
I would like to see incentives and promotion of e-bikes in Stevenage for the elderly & commuters, as Stevenage cycle paths can be difficult for them due to the many hills. Many, as they get older or already slightly unfit are put off by them.
I feel no need to answer the 3 questions you ask, as i fully support the benefits of cycling, which should include training, fun activities, reducing risk and increasing security.
The 3 questions you ask in my view would be included as part of a cycling promotion plan, to be presented to the Council (sadly this council currently just think costs), so I am open to ideas.
If you feel a discussion with me would be of value to you, then please answer this email, we can arrange a phone call or a meeting. I will leave that to you to decide.
Again, I support a safe cycling promotion program, in fact I can see myself actively participating.


Thank you for your correspondence in relation to cycling facilities in Stevenage.  TUSC is in favour of improving  the facilities available for cyclists in Stevenage and elsewhere. Encouraging people to cycle and exercise more would have tremendous health benefits.
 However successive governments including Labour, Lib Dem and Tory have over the years cut back on funding for local authorities. Labour,Tory and Lib Dem councils throughout the country have passed on these cuts without a fightback.
They have reduced the money available for schemes that improve peoples quality of life including cycling.   
We call for extra government funding for local authorities to properly fund services. We also call for councils to defy the government and implement no cuts budgets . 

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