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East Neuk 50 Cycle Route - an aspirational 50 mile off-the-road route from Kirkcaldy to Dundee via St Andrews

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East Neuk 50 Cycle Route CIC are a Cycling UK affiliated group. 


  • Titled tourist route creates a ‘Destination’ experience
  • Starts and ends at railway stations; Kirkcaldy & Dundee. Accessible from almost whole of Britain
  • Creates desirable alternative for people who would prefer not to travel by car
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Promoted as weekend or week long trip
  • A route that has plenty of interest to stop and see
  • Lots of opportunity for everyday journeys between communities along the route

Why ?

Named ‘destination’ routes have become popular in recent years. While this concept is not new for walkers in Scotland, it is relatively new for road users. Perhaps the most widely known route is now the North Coast 500. The East Neuk 50 is intended a little less hardcore in terms of length, landscape, and road use. And the East Neuk 50 is a lot more accessible. It also has one further significant difference in concept: it is proposed to be largely segregated from motor vehicles. Its intention is to be away from the road for the majority of the route; following new and existing cycle paths created as part of the project.


The proposed route is 50 miles long.   An outline route has been identified that utilises the disused railway line as much as feasible. The route is intended to be away from the road for the majority of its length.

See the route map at our website  eastneuk50.org

Information about the group rides

We organise occasional group rides in collaboration with partners along the route.  

Contact us via our website please

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