Cycling UK´s Women in Cycling

Cycling UK´s Women in Cycling

Cycling UK´s women in cycling is a private group for women and folk who identify as female, hosted on Facebook.

Our activities 
MTB/Offroad rides
Audax/Sportive road rides
Leisure/Touring rides
Family rides
Women only rides
Rides specifically designed for disabled people
Campaigning group
About us 

This welcoming group is an online community of women from all over the UK. Every type of cycling is recognised and celebrated.

Join Cycling UK´s Women in Cycling and you will

- Get tips and advice about cycling a kit


- Meet local women cycling in your area


- Hear about the latest women´s cycling events


- Read motivational stories


- See beautiful cycling pictures


- Have an opportunity to ask any question you want


Information about the group rides 

To join our group you have to answer some security questions first, to protect the privacy of our members.