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Information about the group rides

CTC North Yorkshire does not have a regular riding group. For those please see York Wednesday Wheelers for midweek rides or York CTC for Sunday rides. We do however organise a series of events, including several Audax rides and standard rides. The following is a summary of how our award scheme works.

The Audax Rides and Standard Rides are designated as qualifying events.

If a rider completes three or more qualifying events during the calendar year, then they receive an award. If it is the first year that they have qualified for the scheme, they will receive an engraved medal. In subsequent years, when they qualify, they receive a year bar, which can be attached to the medal. All qualifiers also receive a certificate showing the events that they completed. Medals and certificates are presented at an annual awards event, usually held as a lunch with a guest speaker, in February. If they do not attend the event, the certificate and award will be sent to them afterwards.

If a rider completes one or two rides they will be presented with a certificate, if they attend the awards event.

We also have a trophy, which is awarded to the member of CTC North Yorkshire who completes the highest number of qualifying events during the year. In the event of a tie the rider with the highest total mileage on qualifying rides will win the trophy.

I hope that this explanation might inspire riders to enter as many rides as they can.

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