Wednesday evening rides (18:30 start)

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Wednesday evening rides (18:30 start)


<p>A choice of Medium&nbsp;and Fast groups (<a href="">see our website</a> for what Medium&nbsp;and Fast mean).&nbsp;</p>

<p>Both groups ride to&nbsp;a designated pub in one of the villages surrounding Winchester. At the pub, there's the option of stopping for refreshment. Usually some of the Medium group will stop while the rest head for home. Most of the Fast group carry straight on without stopping, though some may stop at the pub and join the Medium riders for the trip home later.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Start time is usually 19:00, but the first few spring rides and the last few autumn rides start at 18:30.</p>

<p>Remember to bring good-quality bike lights with you! Flashing rear lights are discouraged as they make it hard for the riders behind you to see. Please bring a rear light that can be set to "steady" mode. If it's a very powerful light, turn the brightness down to "low" or "group" level.</p>

<p>Non-members are welcome to come along and try a few rides before joining Cycling UK.</p>

<p>For details of where each ride goes, <a href="">see our calendar</a>.</p>

<p>All rides start at King Alfred's Statue in the Broadway in the middle of Winchester.</p>

<p>Start time is usually 19:00, though&nbsp;</p>

Free to Cycling UK members
King Alfred's Statue The Broadway Winchester