Hello all,

Wednesday 20 Mar 2019
Medium ride (approx 50 miles) : Morham
Meet / Depart : 9.50 / 10.00 am Robin's Nest, Gilmerton Raod

The destination is Morham Village Hall (approx 25 miles) where we will have our packed lunches. Note - no shops in Morham. The day will be on tarmac and along mostly familiar roads. The current weather forecast is cloudy, but dry, temperatures 5-10 C and a brisk west wind - approx 15mph so easy out and slightly more challenging on return.

Out to Dalkeith for toilet stop (approx 10.30), then Cousland, East Saltoun, Gifford, then towards Garvald, cutting down to Morham just short of Garvald

After lunch we head westwards into the forecasted brisk wind - Coulston, Parkend, Samuelston, Pencaitland, possibly through Winton estate, Elphinstone, Crossgate Hall, Smeaton and Dalkeith Country Park for tea etc, returning to Robin's nest via Eskbank to avoid dodgy A7 junction at Melville Gate - caused some semi mutinous concern on an earlier ride of mine !
Make sure bike is in good working order especially brakes .. Most importantly bring two spare inner tubes and simple toolkit. Almost certainly will be home in light, but bring lights just in case.
Bring bike lock, packed lunch, snacks for the day and money for coffee/tea stop.
As always :
Safety is our first concern. Awareness and communication are essential to this. Our SAFE RIDING GUIDELINES indicate how we seek to achieve this.

Experienced group riders are encouraged to give friendly advice on the spot, to others who are not following the guidelines. Before you join a group ride, please read the guidelines and then ensure that you comply with them.

In particular please try to cycle in small groups with about 50 m between them. Similarly at junctions could everyone take responsibility for checking behind to make sure that a following group or individual knows which way to go at junction.

In accordance with good riding practice you should carry emergency contact details both on your person (card in wallet/purse, ICE on mobile) and in your bike bag.
While experienced group members will always give assistance and advice to other riders ultimately you are responsible for yourself and making your own way home. Having said that hopefully no-one would ever be left in a situation of not knowing how to get home !
An attendance sheet will be completed on the morning. The ride is for Cycling UK members - non-members are welcome to attend, but would be expected to join Cycling UK after about 3 rides. If a non-member please let me know in advance.

After these final few 'official' sentences, hope to see you on Wednesday morning at Robin's Nest

Bill Krol

07936 941956

Address Details 
Robin’s Nest Pub, 393 Gilmerton Road, EH17 7PX. We gather at 9:50 for a 10 am departure.

Contact details

Bill Krol